Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Electric Vehicle Journey Begins

Well, not really. It will be a long time before I actually make my first EV journey, but perhaps this is my journey to my first EV journey.

Yesterday I made the decision. After dreaming and talking for years I finally decided to get started on my DIY EV project.

I am not a mechanic, I am not an electrician, and while I may feel way out of my depth at times, I am reassured by Gavin Shoebridge that with only a small amount of knowledge, anyone can make an EV.

Here's a link to his own EV journey, chronicled on youtube  well worth a watch.

What I do have is a sharp mind, the ability to learn quickly, and a desire to do something myself. I will probably make a lot of mistakes in my first EV, but I'm hoping to do more afterwards.

This will be an exciting journey.

The first part will be the planning. Choosing the motor, the battery type, size and capacity, and the donor car.

nb, before any of the negativity often associated as part of the myths against electric vehicles begins, I present +Robert Llewellyn's very well presented WebTV show's fully charged to explain the environmental impact, as well as the geopolitical reasons behind my motivation and support of EVs.

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  1. Been there, done that. Don't set your sights so low. You may not need to exceed 70 kph, but aim for 100 kph and you won't be disappointed. You may think a range of 30 kms is adequate - it isn't! Aim for 100 kms and you won't have to plug it in after every trip.
    Don't use Pb-A batteries, you will be doomed to disappointment. Li cells are a lot cheaper now than they were and you wind them less expensive than lead lumps in the long run.